ruys InteriOrs

In 2001, Doornebal took over Ruys Interieurs from Zeist. This company has built up a good reputation in supplying high-quality interiors and restoring historical buildings, since its commencement in 1925. For example, RUYS reconstructs textile materials in historic buildings. DOORNEBAL and RUYS merged into DOORNEBAL INTERIORS, resulting in a successful company specialized in high-quality interiors for country houses, villas, courtyards, summer residences and monuments. In 2015, RUYS INTERIORS moved to the building of DOORNEBAL INTERIORS in Lienden. You can recognize the characteristic interiors of RUYS by their high-quality, rich decoration style. Also the legendary historical department with their impressive textile and wallpaper samples has achieved a prominent place in Lienden. Their love for the craft radiates from the applied crafts and craftsmanship, for example in curtain decors, wallcoverings and stair carpets.