Country house in
​​​​​​​the veluwe

A house around a bench

A country house with an intentionally modest chic appearance, according to the residents’ wishes. The early 19th-century sofa in the sunroom was already in their possession. The appearance of this sofa in combination with the new furnishing served as the starting point and touchstone for the rest of the interior.

An eye for detail

Not a single detail escaped the attention of this customer. The new and existing interior elements have been carefully combined and for a balanced whole.

Harmonious variety

Despite the use of various designs, the interior looks quiet and harmonious. Besides the blue sofa in the sunroom, Chinese vases were placed with handmade shades in which a subtle blue accent is present. The sofa in the sitting room is provided with a fabric which is characteristic of the style period, provided with the Merovingian bee. This is combined with a table and chest of drawers in French empire style and glass side tables with bronze legs. Also here unique table lamps are utilized, in a modern style. A wooden floor in Hungarian point, silk curtains and wallpaper applied as wall covering complete the effect.​​​​​​​

Zijden gordijnen Rubelli - Doornebal Interiors
Canapé bank - Doornebal Interiors
Hongaarse punt visgraat vloer, Vaughan lamp - Doornebal Interiors
Empel collections - Doornebal Interiors
Zoffany fauteuil Rubelli stof - Doornebal Interiors
Emperial collection fauteuil - Doornebal Interiors
Empel collections - Doornebal Interiors
 Landelijke keuken op maat, Diez stoelen  - Doornebal Interiors
Hanglamp Brand van Egmond - Doornebal Interiors
Rubelli stof fauteuil - Doornebal Interiors
Rubelli stof fauteuil - Doornebal Interiors
Lamp Empel collections, Art en Deco gordijnen - Doornebal Interiors
Traploper op maat - Doornebal Interiors