Doornebal Interiors was established by Rijk, Doornebal, the great-grandfather of the wife of Klaas Prosman, the present manager, in 1892. At the end of the nineteenth century Rijk Doornebal went door to door in Langbroek and the surrounding area. In 1892, he started a textile business in a farm building in Lienden, in the province of Gelderland. The shop occupied an important position in the village. It was a place where people met. It was a busy place and therefore he decided to clear the orchard and to start a textile and home store. 
The following generations continually expanded the company, both in size and in the range of products offered to customers. Since the very beginning, DOORNEBAL has strived for the best quality and excellent craftsmanship which led to the designation “Purveyor to the Royal Household” in 1992.