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Ruys InterIOrs

The decorators and designers of DOORNEBAL INTERIORS are glad to share their love for their craft. They will certainly inspire you when compiling an interior that completely suits the character of your house and of course your own taste. The creativity of our designers and your wishes and ideas lead to the best results. Perfect, timeless and elegant to the smallest detail.


interior design

Our professional designers are able to creatively translate a feeling into an interior. An interior is like a custom-made suit. A good custom-made suit is adapted to the person himself, to his feelings. The same is true for an interior. A successful interior reflects the feelings and personal living style of its residents. Knowing this, DOORNEBAL has no doubt that personal contact is the foundation.

Exclusive interiors

An exploration of the taste, the style, the desires and the house of the customer – that is what it all starts with. The customer is our source of inspiration. This leads to unique interiors, where luxuriousness, exclusivity and trend-sensitivity meet each other. This requires professional and creative guidance. Our designers have mastered the art of translating expectations into a total concept that fits seamlessly together. No showroom, but a living environment with the personal touch of the customer – that is the secret of our appealing interior concepts.

Historical interiors

Our specialists of the department of historical interiors possess all necessary expertise to achieve a suitable interior concept together with you. This is the power of RUYS by DOORNEBAL: knowledge of the market, combined with a very large international network and years of experience in specialist weaving methods for carpets, fabric and trimmings, historical printing techniques, hand-painted wallpaper and gaufrage techniques for fabrics.

3D impressie salon - Doornebal Interiors
Stofferingsvoorstel - Doornebal Interiors
Stofferingsvoorstel - Doornebal Interiors
Stalenkamer - Doornebal Interiors
Stalenkamer - Doornebal Interiors
3D impressie werkkamer - Doornebal Interiors