The world of interiors is incredibly diverse. Our creations are contemporary interiors, some distinctly classical with authentic elements, some expressive with bright colours, some modern with subtle details and some stylishly sober and plain. Our collection is very extensive and contains all elements to realise your interior from start to finish. 

Bielefelder Werkstätten Polo Dining bank - Doornebal Interieurs

EXCLUSIve furniture

At DOORNEBAL INTERIORS you will find furniture by famous designers and of eminent brands. However, we also consider it a challenge to look for design talents and traditional workshops outside of the well-known circle. That is why we can offer you a wide-ranging collection of French, English, Italian and Dutch design. From classical to Queen Anne, from Louis XIV to uniform and modern. Custom-made furniture, cabinets, walls, replicas of antique furniture and wardrobe rooms are also things which are traditionally produced by DOORNEBAL INTERIORS. Our designers are glad to present you with beautiful designs with, in particular, practical solutions. The perfect realisation of designs is carried out by our traditional furniture makers. Sometimes restoration may be necessary: also in this case our specialists are ready to welcome you.​​​​​​​

Pierre Frey Bolshoi - Doornebal Interiors


Doornebal Interiors is well-known in the world of decorating Netherlands. In the course of many years, we have achieved a high reputation in working with fabrics. We should actually call them textile materials: we do not only work with curtain fabric, but also furniture fabric, carpets, and any soft furnishings. Our large fabric department is sometimes called our treasury: an almost endless quantity of fabric from the most renowned manufacturers. The press speak of “the European treasury of Europe’s largest fabric archive”. DOORNEBAL INTERIORS is happy to maintain the archive. Our textile department also stores carpet and wallpaper collections, ranging from historical archive items to contemporary collections: an inexhaustible source of inspiration.​​​​​​​

STylish lighting

A stylishly furnished room is not complete without proper lighting. If you consult our designers at an early stage to discuss your plans for your interior, the lighting plan can be included in the design. Not just the general picture, but even down to the smallest details, to be sure that the resplendent chandelier is at the right spot, and the sockets of the standing lamps and the connections of the wall spots are located at the right places. With respect to lighting, we work with all the large designers and suppliers, but equally well with small traditional workshops and young designers with their own bold designs. Whether you are looking for lamps as discrete creators of atmosphere or as striking conversation pieces… The designers of DOORNEBAL INTERIORS will be happy to be inspired by your wishes.​​​​​​​


On average, people spend one third of their lives in the bedroom. That is why the bedroom should be a comfortable room. Besides decoration according to your taste, the bed plays an important role. Doornebal Interiors thinks only the best is good enough. That is why we, after much research, decided to sell a very comfortable and high-quality bed. We chose for the German brand Schramm, also known as the Mercedes among bed systems and – just like DOORNEBAL INTERIORS – an old family business. Schramm amply meets the qualifications for a perfect bed. An extensive display of these box-spring beds gives you the opportunity to test them. Moreover, our bed specialists are ready to give you information. For the fabric of your box-spring, our treasury of fabric is certainly the right source of inspiration. We also have a wonderful, very exclusive collection of bedding.​​​​​​​