The knowledge of all types of furnishings such as floor carpets, stair carpets, curtains on rails or rods and complete curtain decors with mantling, combined with craftsmanship in the area of traditional wall coverings, is unique at DOORNEBAL INTERIORS. Crafts are one of the special pillars under the organisation. That is why our crafts are solely performed by craftsmen. We consider it a challenge to exceed your expectations.

Gordijn embrasse - Doornebal Interieurs

CURTAINS AND trimmings

For many centuries, curtains and other uses of fabrics have been inseparable from stylish interiors. They make an important contribution to the atmosphere in a room. Thanks to the large diversity of curtain decors, you can create exactly the appearance that suits you. From historical curtain decors with mantling or draperies, with or without sashes, suspending on richly ornamented rods or modest, modern or timeless curtain decors on sober wrought iron garnish: the possibilities are endless… and always assembled by the craftspeople in DOORNEBAL INTERIOR’s studio.

Wandbespanning - Doornebal Interieurs


DOORNEBAL INTERIORS is one of the few companies that masters the craft of wallcovering. A wallcovering has a special impact on the atmosphere in the room and it gives a stylish and luxurious appearance. We still use the authentic techniques. The basis is often a rough stone wall, which is supplied with a framework. Grau paper is stuck on the traditionally built-up surface. As a result, this basis becomes as tight as a drum, after which a heavy Molton is applied. Next a blind covering is made which is attached using “baggets”. This yields a very smooth finish.


Applying wallpaper to a wall which is ready for wallpaper is a craft, in particular in the case of hand-painted wallpaper on silk or paper and chinoiseries (a continuous thematic wallpaper), but also in the case of traditional types of wallpaper.



We offer you a large collection of stair carpet and we can also realize special designs. The process begins with looking for a suitable solution for the stairs, where we also consider the building’s architecture and the customer’s taste. It is very important for the carpet to be applied to the stairs by a craftsman. Only then will your exclusive stair carpet be shown to advantage. Carpets can be applied with stair rods, but it is also possible to apply them without rods. Then the carpet is attached blindly: again this is a specialist craftwork, and DOORNEBAL INTERIORS will be glad to assist you. 


You can also decide to use hangings as wall covering. The arguments to choose hangings instead of wall covering may be historical, but of course it may also be a matter of taste. As a foundation, the walls are covered and then often provided with a simple fabric. The hangings are placed loose, only attached to the upper side. The fabric of the hanging is often roughened and lined. These techniques contribute to the fabric’s beautiful hanging. Doornebal InteriORS has applied hangings in the main hall of the Dutch Senate, the town hall of Leeuwarden and Slangenburg Castle in Doetinchem.


Houses and monumental buildings with a visible history guide the interior design. Sometimes they even lead to daring contrasts. But often an interior design requires respect for the past and harmony with the architecture. Doornebal InteriORs has thorough knowledge of historical interiors and living styles. During the process of design, we can also draw upon special, historical collections of furniture, lighting and fabrics. Authentic elements such as wallcoverings or wall paintings can be reapplied. And if restoration is necessary, we will restore interior elements or reconstruct them in the old style. Our love for authenticity leads to the conviction that the beautiful and rich past deserves a future. Fortunately, there are many people who share this conviction: we have already reconstructed the interiors of many monuments.