Doornebal Interiors’ Partners   


OUR partners

Doornebal Interiors makes exclusive dreams come true. We do this in cooperation with external specialists, or rather: partners. They are professionals who set the bar just as high as we do. They are perfectionists who are comfortable with our market position and our philosophy. This network makes us strong, in particular in the implementation phase of our projects.


Simonis & Buunk – art trade in Ede

Art trading company Simonis & Buunk is a family business with three galleries in the middle of the Netherlands. For four generations, they have traded art of a high and medium level. They focus on work by Dutch painters, which is complemented by attractive artwork by artists from France, Germany, Belgium and England. Also restoration and taxation services are available at art trading company Simonis & Buunk in Ede.

Davor Schildert

The age of craftsmanship now lies in the distant past. Real masterpieces are hardly made today, and the guilds no longer exist. But old times can revive. The master painters of Davor Schildert master the craft better than anyone. That is why Davor Schildert is our partner for traditional paintwork and restoration work.